Health problems of the people are increasing very rapidly because they do not care of their health in their busy life. They should go to the doctor, minimum one time in a month, for their medical checkup. It may be possible that they have different types of health problems. In such medical checkup any health problem can be found before any harmful effect.

One of the main problems in men is erectile dysfunction. In this problem he cannot get an erection. The cause of the problem is the less flow of blood through the penis. Mainly those people get the problem of erectile dysfunction who has high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. So if you want to save yourself from this problem then you should have a control over them.

LevitraMost of the people shy to tell this problem to their doctor. It is not good for them and it could be harmful for their health. Levitra is the solution of this problem. The use of levitra does not cure erectile dysfunction but it is only use for the treatment of this problem. If you are going to use levitra because you want to increase your sexual desire then you have to go for other medicine because levitra is not for this. It also does not protect you of transmitting disease from your female partner. Levitra is only use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and give erection for a specified time in which the man can enjoy sex with his partner.

It is very necessary to tell your doctor about all medical problems i.e. heart problem, low or high blood pressure, liver problem, kidney problem, stomach problem and blood cell problems etc. Your doctor will give you advice about the use of Levitra in such conditions. Your life is the first priority of the doctor so he will never miss guides you in the use of levitra. Always act upon his advice; it will save you from many other medical problems.

In the market, Levitra comes in different doses in which 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg are common. Most of the men use 10mg dose but it is according to your condition that what dose suits you most. Doctors suggest low dose if you are already taking medicines. Your doctor can guide you in a better way than the others. If we talk about the side effects then levitra has not many side effects. These side effects remain for 4 hours then they goes away. You do not need to worry about these side effects. Some of the side effects regarding the use of levitra are indigestion, headache, upset stomach and flushing etc. If you have bought the levitra then store it at room temperature about 15oC to 30oC.

If you are using Levitra for many months then it can cause priapism. Priapism is the condition in which man get an erection that lasts more than 4-5 hours. Whenever you face this problem, talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Use Levitra and get the erection for sexual intercourse

Marriage is the relationship between husband and wife and it also connects two families with each other. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for both husband and wife to stay connected with this relationship. There are many reasons for this to happen but I am going to discuss one of the main reasons which are very common now a days. You may know that woman love sex a lot. She wants her husband to satisfy her sexual need and if the husband did not pass in the sexual intercourse, then the result may be in the form of divorce. To give sexual pleasure to the woman in sexual intercourse is very necessary. For this purpose, the man should have the idea about using different sex techniques and asking her wife about the best sex technique. It is an admitted fact that sexual intercourse can only be done if the penis of man becomes erect in sexual excitement. Because only an erect penis can penetrate inside the vagina to give sexual pleasure to woman otherwise if the male has a flaccid penis then he cannot have a good sex with her wife.

A man may be the victim of any of the sexual problem due to which he can lose his penile erection. Erectile dysfunction is also a sexual problem faced by only man. From its name, you can get an idea that the penis does not get erection and remain flaccid even at the time of sexual excitement. What the patient of erectile dysfunction can do to get enough erection? This question comes in the mind of many people but usually asked only a few one. Well, the erection of penis is directly proportional to the amount of blood flow through penis. In a normal male, the blood flow rate through penis veins becomes high when he becomes sexually excited. In sexual excitement stage, the brain sends the message to a special enzyme which directly increases the blood flow throughout the body. When high blood passes through the veins of penis, the penis becomes erect and ready for sexual intercourse.

This process does not occur in a person who is suffering with erectile dysfunction. The blood flow remains normal at the time of sexual excitement. What he can do to increase the blood flow rate at time of sexual excitement? Well, that person should use Levitra medicine to get penile erection. Levitra activates the working of that enzyme responsible for blood flow rate. In such a way, the blood flow enhances and gives a normal erection to the patient. One thing should be kept in mind while using Levitra that this medicine can only give you erection for a particular time span. If you want to treat erectile dysfunction permanently then it is not possible because it is incurable like many other health problems. Since Levitra increases the blood flow rate so you should be used it with care if you are a victim of high blood pressure or suffering with diabetes.

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