We all know for a fact that education is very important for every girl or boy. In fact their sense of self and character are shaped largely by and through the education they receive in the formative years. Sex education too is very important, for it teaches them all about sex and relationship management. All of the things that the children learn from the outside world give them their self identity.

If you look at the people around, you will find that some people are carefree about life and are very happy. Being happy seems to be in their nature. There are many who are living a plain and ordinary life without being overly happy and then there are those who are not happy at all.

The people who are not happy with life are many. It is not that they are not happy with life but deep down within they are not happy with themselves. It is their self or the ego that is faulty and not the outside environment that is affecting their life. Life does not dish out good or bad things to us but what we make out of our environment and situations is what determines whether we are happy or not. It is our attitude in life that matters.

Similarly, everyone wants to look good and feel beautiful. Most people get confused between looking smart and being a beautiful person. Beauty of a person is the inside of you and not only the outer form. An individual who is happy and positive from within is likely to be beautiful on the outside. Most people are smart looking and not necessarily beautiful looking. However, everyone be it a female or a male always wants to look beautiful.

Wanting to look beautiful is actually the inner need of the individual to be beautiful. What we mean by b being beautiful is to be a positive, peaceful and loving person who is filled with love, kindness for one and all. Anyone who gives out love and kindness to others freely, come across as the most beautiful persons. They all have an aura or an energy that is very highly charged and positive making them look most beautiful.

Coming back to the education of the girls and boys, it is the education that contributes in a large way to making of the beautiful person inside. Schools not only impart subject knowledge and information but impart education in the form of value system too. By inculcating the right values and virtues and teaching the children to cultivate the right thinking, right moral and ethical value systems, the schools build the solid foundation for the students to grow into beautiful persons.

A beautiful person is a positive influence on all others around him or her. They are often looked upon by the others as their role models to emulate. Mother Theresa was perhaps one of the most beautiful persons in the whole world. It was not

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